Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got a concussion playing Duck Duck Goose.

I was playing Duck Duck Goose last night at an end of the year Track/ Cross Country party. It was getting late, so we decided it would be the best idea to go out in the golf course behind my friend's house because it was mostly open greens. Anyway, we decided to have a piggy back horse race which ended pretty quickly because no one wanted to carry anyone else.

After that we sat down to play Duck Duck Goose; there were around twenty of us eager to get this game started.  I had the most glow sticks out of everyone there, so I was pretty much a manly glow stick fairy when it came time to play. Everything was going great until my friend C decided to goose ( I guess that would be the word?) my other friend E. Both of these guys were of the top runners on the team, so it was going to be fun to watch. I guess I either leaned forward or leaned back, but my friend E decided to take a shortcut by trying to jump over me which lead to me getting kneed in the left side of my head.

I can't remember about three or four minutes after I got hit as we were walking back to C's house.  I kept asking E what he hit me with which caused him to worry even more because I had already asked him twice. While we were walking, people were sprinting back to the house to get me ice. When we got back to his house they lied me down, put ice on the concussion wound, and called up a nurse to see what we should do. The first hour is the most crucial time to watch whoever has a concussion, but luckily for me, nothing happened.

E now owes me three or four minutes of my life back which I plan on getting back.


  1. Eye for an eye right? Only seems fair lol

  2. At least you got a funny story out of it.

  3. Lol not exactly a game you would expect people to get hurt in.

  4. Sounds more like disorientation to me, but still you should beat down E =D

  5. Duck Duck Goose is an extreme sport. I always laughed when they made us wear helmets in kindergarden. Now I'm grateful they did.

  6. Cool story, bro.

    But seriously, that's a pretty funny piece of history to go passing around - and nice use of images, by the way.

    If only my chilhood games ended like that...