Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grinding my gears [1]

Here is my first list of five things that annoy me.

  1.  Talking on a cell phone while in line at the register.

I understand that you just need to talk to your BFF Caroline, but it is really rude to whoever the cashier is because they now have to sit in silence while you blabber away about your new yoga teacher. Added bonus if you complain about the way something is bagged while you are still on the phone.

Fixing this: When you get to the cashier just tell whoever you are talking to that you will call them back in a few minutes after you have exited the store.

     2. Frozen bread

My mother does this all the time. She will buy extra loafs of bread and then put them into the freezer. I understand that this allows the bread to last longer, but I don't want to have to wait fifteen - twenty minutes for my sandwich bread to thaw when I am hungry.

Fixing this: Buy less bread, eat bread at a quicker rate, or learn to seal the bread so it stays fresh longer.

     3. Fat people that are unaware/ oblivious of their eating habits and they wonder why they can't lose the weight.

Whenever I am at a grocery store, I always see the more obese people buying all the junk food. I often wonder if they just are completely absentminded when it comes to the health problems caused by their weight. I mean if you can't even walk on your own, it is really time to rethink your diet.

Fixing this: Realize you are fat, and fix it. Exercise, eat less, eat healthier, and drink water.

     4. Trucks that sound like motorcycles.

I really can't stand the obnoxious sound motorcycles make. South Park did a whole episode on motorcycles which I agree with. Now it seems that trucks are getting even louder. I mean really; what is the point in making your truck an unpleasant to the ears. It is almost more common to hear a truck rather than a motorcycle at this time.

Fixing this: Don't make your truck utterly repulsive. It isn't "cool"; it just makes you seem like a tool.

     5. Duck face.

Oh gawd. Duck face pictures have to be the most irritating type of picture ever. I don't understand how someone would think they look cool. There is even a whole anti duck face site. I mean why not just smile to show that you are enjoying your time wherever you are? It just seems so unnecessary.

Fixing this: Don't make the face. EVER.


  1. haha frozen bread i hate it so much!

  2. The only one that doesn't make me angry on sight is frozen bread, I like frozen bread =(

    Haters gon' hate

    Talking on the cell phone at the register is incredibly pathetic and douchy though.

  3. LOOOL! at the duckface!

    This truely made my day, haha!

    Follwed for your humour :)

  4. Ugh I hate the duckface

    do they think that looks good or something?

    couldnt be more wrong

  5. Cell phone at the register makes me want to take the cell phone and ram it into the persons eye sockets and then break their legs and laugh while they scream in agony.

    Too much?

  6. Ohhhh duckface. How did that fad even catch on?

  7. Rofl frozen bread?

    I buy fresh premium

  8. gah, as someone in the service industry, people on their phones are the most annoying thing ever

  9. i enjoyed it very much mmmm

  10. You hit the nail right on the head....

  11. I don't know why girls think it's sexy to make their mouth look like a butthole. One of my pet peeves is when people say "pitcher" when they mean "picture."

  12. cant hate on duckface hahaha :D